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Cyprus Avenue the Band “A Tribute to Van Morrison & More”
"Cyprus Avenue played at our farm wedding in Squamish and had everyone dancing the whole night. "One more song!" was shouted over and over and the guys graciously obliged. We had an absolute blast and both of us were dancing and singing along the entire time they were playing. Our friends and family were coming up to us days after the wedding telling us how awesome the band was, and that they made the night. Great energy, awesome song list, and tons of fun. We'd recommend them to anyone wanting to host a party.
Jennie + Cam"

If you’re a fan of this legendary Northern Irish singer song writer’s music, or enjoy listening to R&B classics, Cyprus Avenue is sure to please.

A lower mainland R&B ensemble with a clear vintage sound flirting with borders of rock, blues and jazz while staying true to the 60’s and 70’s R&B, performing horn driven dance tunes, intimate ballads, and everything in between.

“Picture Van Morrison on Steroids” James Minchau’s powerful lead vocal and entertaining stage presence is accompanied by the talented Jeremy Boston (drums), Marti Cole (bass & vocals), Trevor Saunders (guitars), Dave Cole (keys/organ & vocals), and Scott Beacom (Alto & Tenor Saxophones).

Cyprus Avenue can faithfully represent Van’s earlier R&B music for a ticketed event, corporate event, theatre or Tribute Show. In addition, Cyprus Avenue can be hired to provide an R&B dance party for festivals, pubs, casinos and weddings.

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James Michau
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Dave Cole
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Trevor Saunders
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Jeremy Boston
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Scott Beacom
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Marti Cole