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"Cyprus Avenue played at our farm wedding in Squamish and had everyone dancing the whole night. "One more song!" was shouted over and over and the guys graciously obliged. We had an absolute blast and both of us were dancing and singing along the entire time they were playing. Our friends and family were coming up to us days after the wedding telling us how awesome the band was, and that they made the night. Great energy, awesome song list, and tons of fun. We'd recommend them to anyone wanting to host a party.

Jennie and Cam

Went to the Hard Rock Casino and saw this band there.... Wow!! They were truly amazing and I recommend if any of my friends and family get a chance to see them, it will be an amazing night for you. You rock Cyprus Avenue!

Hardy - Hard Rock Casino

I really enjoyed watching and listening to these guys, super talented group of musicians that rock the house. Watching the people around me with smiles and happy dancing, having an awesome time makes the experience even better. I would see them anytime of the week, they know how to set a wicked vibe


Cypress Avenue was an awesome girls night out. Classic songs, fun to dance to and a dynamic show!

Loved it!!


High energy band ! Lots of great dance songs really fills the room with fantastic music.

Fun to watch the band members interact with the audience.


These guys are a ton of fun onstage.

They bring endless energy and fill up the dance floor quickly.

Love watching them play.

Jen R

Wow, what a Band. Awesome!!! I look forward to the opportunity to see Cypress Avenue again!!! Any venue…any time… The block party we had a few weeks back was pretty darned good. Great weather. Lots of folks. Good eats and drinks. All topped off by Cypress Avenue. A tight, skilled and fun band. At ease in the back alley with lots of folks singing along. And as the sun went down, they created an ambience similar to an outdoor summer festival.

And they raised money for the food bank, which was a great focus. THANKS FOR MAKING THE DAY!

John - St. George Street

Cypress Avenue carried the day for our Block Party this summer. They showed both their ability to truly emulate Van Morrison in vocal style (excellent job!) as well as their versatility and capacity to entertain a crowd of various ages. We hope to have them back next year!

Danita - St. George Street


Hard Rock Cafe performance
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Hard Rock Cafe performance
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